Thursday, 23 May 2013

Trina in Fancyland

I was worrying about how to begin this blog, what tone to set, what to talk about.....

Then I realised that here at the beginning only a few people would see it (hi guys) so why worry? (Phew, there
I've begun).

At the risk of sounding whacko I confess I spend a lot of my time in a fancy wonderland of 'oldness', most things just seem nicer there to me.

My very favourite thing to do is to knit from old knitting patterns, It seems like such a solid link to this rose-coloured place. A land where grandmothers are eternally young, glamorous and carefree, and there is the time to make something with patience and care. Stitch by stitch.

Right now I'm knitting the most wondrous cape in all the world - how did something as smashing as this ever go
out of fashion?

Knitting pattern from Kallie designs: