Thursday, 5 December 2013

I wish I was a girl guide..... I could wear these:
Fantabulous pocketed apron 1943 - 1944, and a headscarf to "set off your charms" 1944

Brownies red gingham pyjamas 1943 - 45, and "Sunny yellow" cotton knit pyjamas with polka dotted peter pan collar and peek-a-boo neckline

 ....and these:
I'm coveting the uniform and necktie as well as those shoes.

Raincoat and umbrella, 1957. All above images from: Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum
  ....and especially so I could knit these:
Jacquard design cotton knit jumpers 1955, and 1952 respectively. Images from: Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum

Trefoil sweater pattern published January 1963 in the 'Cadette Girl Scout Handbook' from Sentimental Baby

Cute hat. Image from: Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum
Founded in 1909, The British Girl Scouts were the counterpart to the British Boy Scouts.
After some criticism from the public, Baden-Powell created a separate organisation in 1910 called 'The Girl Guides Association".

Girl guide groups began appearing in Australia in 1909, and in 1926 a national organisation was formed.

I've decided I'll recreate some of this beautifulness and wear it anyway (girl guide or no!)